Performance Standards

CTI over 50 years of experience in process design, engineering, automation and operation of sugar refineries will ensure that an updated refinery will meet the following criteria for global competition:

    * Energy usage -- 0.65 ton of steam per ton of raw sugar

    * Electricity -- 50 KWH per ton of raw sugar

    * Water usage -- 20% of raw sugar

    * Sucrose loss -- 0.55% of raw sugar

    * Over all sugar yield is 99%

    * Number of operators -- 4 to 5 per shift

    * Capability to produce value-added products

    * Environmentally friendly - No carbonate cake and Ion exchange resin to be disposed off

    * 80 to 90 % of refinery processes/operetion are automated

For additional detail please click : Performance standard from 1G to 5th Generation.PDF


For inquiries please contact:

Dr. Chung Chi Chou   



last updated 10/27/2017