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Dr. Chou, formerly the Technical Director of Domino Sugar Corporation and Managing Director of sugar Processing Research Institute, is the Principal Scientist/Engineer of Dr. Chou Technologies, Inc. CTi provides service to progressive companies in the world sugar industry.

Dr. Chou, with over 50 years of experience in both sugar mills and sugar refineries, specializes in process design/engineering/operation of sugar plant for significant reduction in cost of production. He led a team of four sugar technologists with total sugar processing experience of over 120 years to help design the modern sugar refinery in Taiwan, 1992/93.

Dr. Chou is the co-author/editor of :

    a) 12th edition of Cane Sugar Handbook

    b) The 1st edition of Handbook of Sugar Refining

    c) Sugar Processing Technologies - Theory and practices

    d) A co-contributing author to a chapter of a book entitled Asian Functional Food

        He has published over 65 original papers in the field of sugar and sugar related science and technology


 Dr Chou Resume Summary


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