Dr. Chung Chi Chou (Summary of Resume)

Chung Chi Chou, PhD

Founder, President and Board Member

Dr. Chou was born in Taiwan and received his bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from National Chung Kung University in Taiwan, a doctorate in Physical Chemistry from Baylor University, Texas, USA in 1968, and began his long career at Domino Sugar Corporation focusing in development  and implementation of new processes and analytical methods. In fact about 70 % of new technologies in these field currently in use in the world sugar refining industry were directly or indirectly developed under his supervision at Domino Sugar Corporation. He has been a visiting/research professor of South China University of Technology since 1993, an adjunct professor at Louisiana State University (USA) between 1993 to 1999, and a lecturer at the Cane Refiner's Institute of Nicholls State University, LA, USA since 1986. In his over forty years of professional career, Dr. Chou has served as chairman, president, board members of various national and international technical organizations andreceived many awards including the Sugar Industry Technologists, Inc. (SIT)  Meade Award twice, the prestigious SIT Crystal Award, and  NineSigma highest 2008  technical merit award.

He has inherited from his mother a passion to do his small share in his own small way to make the world just a little bit better for the less fortunate. He is the founder and the president of Wellbrook foundation since 1989 focusing in education, particularly for developing countries.

For  “Pro Bono” based “transfer of technologies to next generation programs”, he has authored and edited a) 12th edition of Cane Sugar Handbook (about 1000 pages), b) the 1st edition of Handbook of Sugar Refining (about 800 pages) , both published by the world renowned John Wiley & Sons, Inc. of New York.  All his share of royalty of the above two handbooks are donated to Wellbrook foundation.  He has also published over 65 original research papers in the field of sugar and sugar related science and technology, and  presented research papers and lectures in sugar technologies and management in 25 countries over the years

In May of 2009, He was awarded a proclamation by Mr. Steve Levy, the county executive of the county of Suffolk, New York, in appreciation for his many exceptional achievements, outstanding contributions and philanthropic support of the less fortunate.

CV of Dr. Chung Chi Chou (2016)

1) PhD from Baylor University, Texas, USA in Physical chemistry.

2) Co-Author/Editor of 12 edition of “Cane sugar handbook” and 1st edition of “Handbook of sugar refining”, John Wiley and Son publisher, New York. Total about 1900 pages

3) (a) Published over 65 Research papers, of which about 30 papers at SIT Technical conference,

    (b) Received the George and Meads (SIT) best paper award twice,

    (c) Received the SIT Crystal ward, and

    (d) Nine Sigma 2nd highest 2008 technical merit award.

    (e) Honorary life member of SIT. There are only 2 members in the 60 years history of International Sugar industry Technologists. Inc.

    (f) Received American Chemical Society 50 year service award (20160

4) Worked for Domino Sugar Corporation 30 years (the largest world sugar refiner), last 10 years as Technical director.

5) President and founder of Dr. Chou Technologies, Inc. serving over 45 corporate clients in the world sugar industry since 2001 and focusing on “Transfer of Technologies to Next Generation”: www.esugartech.com

6) Chairman and founder of Wellbrook foundation, community service since 1989. Received numerous proclamations, recognition and awards from New York state and Suffolk county officials, including NY governor, Mr. Andrew Cuomo.

7) President of SIT 2000, and Chairman of USNC, an affiliate of International Committee on Uniform Method of Analysis.

8) Outstanding Alumni of the Chemical Engineering Department of National Taiwan Cheng Kung University.

9) Co-founder of National Archive of Taiwan Engineering Education,

10) Founder of Free Educational website for Mandarin speaking Chinese around the world: wellbrookfoundation.tw


    Dr. Chung Chi Chou, Principle Scientist/Engineer

                      103A Pidgeon Hill Rd., Huntington Sta., NY 11746  Tel/Fax 631-424-6420

                   e-mail: drchouusa@aol.com or Drchouusa@yahoo.com website: www.esugartech.com