Dr. Chung Chi Chou (Summary of Resume)

 Dr. Chung Chi Chou (Summary of Resume)

1. President, Dr Chou Technologies, Inc, 2001 to present, served 44 international corporate clients in the world sugar industry.

2. Author/Editor,12thed. “Cane Sugar Handbook”, 1993, 1090 pages, John Wiley, publisher. USA.

3. Author/Editor,1sted. “Handbook of Sugar Refining”, 2000, 756 pages, John Wiley, publisher. USA.

4. Contributing author of a chapter in “Asian Functional Foods”, 2005, a CRS Press Book, USA.

5. Adjunct Professor, Louisiana State University, LA, USA, 1993-1998.

6. Lecturer at Cane Refinery Institute, Nicholls State University, Louisiana, USA, 1986 to 2016.

7. Advisory/Visiting professor, South China University of Technology, China, 1993 to 2015.

8. Adjunct Professor, Guang Xi University, China, 2001 – 2004.

9. Lectures in over twenty six countries on sugar technologies and management since 1983.

10. Over 65 scientific research papers & patents published.

11. Technical Director/ Scientist, Domino Sugar Corporation, USA. 1968 - 1998.

12. Managing Director, Sugar Processing Research Institute. USA 1998-2000.

13. Shift superintendent & process engineer, Taiwan Sugar Corporation, 1959 to 1964.

14.Led a team of six (6) US sugar technologists with over total 250 years of experience to help design a 1200 tons/day new refinery in Taiwan in 1990’s.

15. Served as expert witness/referee involving, but not limited to, raw sugar/sugar product qualities, product liability, intellectual properties infringement, and plant safety, respectively.

16. President and founder, Wellbrook Foundation, Inc. USA, a charitable organization focused on education, and promotion of mutual understanding via cultural exchange,1989 to present.

17. Chairman, 2007-2008, Asian Americans Advisory board of Suffolk County Executive, State of NY.

18. Served as Chairman, Vice Chairman, president, Board of Director, member of ExecutiveCommittees in many technical societies and/or institutes.

19. SIT Meads Award twice, 1972 & 1978. SIT Crystal Award,1988. NineSigma highest 2008 technical merit award.

20. Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry, Baylor University, Texas, USA, 1965 to1968.

21. B. S. in Chemical Engineering, Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, 1959.

22. Outstanding alumni, Chemical Engineering Department, Taiwan National Cheng Kung University, 2014.

23. 50 years service award by American Chemistry society, USA

24. Honorary 2016 life membership bestowed by  the Sugar Industry Technologies, Inc.

25. One of the co-founders of Taiwan National archive for engineering education—2015.

26. Proclamations, recognitions and certificate of appreciation by Governmental officials for distinguished services to communities:

    a) New York State governor Andrew M. Cuomo -- May 24, 2014 to Wellbrook Foundation and Dr. Chou.

    b) Suffolk county executive Steven Bellone – May 24, 2014 to Dr. Chung Chi Chou

    c) Suffolk county executive Steven Bellone -- January 31, 2014 to Dr. Chung Chi Chou.

    d) Suffolk county executive Steve Levy – May 9 , 2009 to Dr Chung Chi Chou.

    e) Suffolk county executive Steve Levy – May 15, 2010 to Wellbrook Foundation and Dr. Chou.

Dr. Chung Chi Chou.president/principle engineer/technologist

4306 CHARLEMAGNE CT, AUSTIN, TX 78727-5205 ,

drchouusa@gmail.com    drchouusa@esugartech.com



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