Cane Sugar Handbook

12th Edition

A manual for cane sugar manufacturers and their chemists


James C. P. Chen and Chung Chi Chou




John Wiley & Son, Inc., New York, 12th Edition, ISBN#0-471-53037-9

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(Dr. Chou's royaltiesfrom this book are donated to a charitable foundation)


    Part One

      Raw Sugar Manufacture

      1.    Sugarcane, James E. Irvine

      2.    Sugars and Non-sugars in Sugarcane, Margaret A. Clarke

      3.    Methods of Cane Purchase, James C. P. Chen

      4.    Outline of Raw Sugar Process and Extraction of Juice, James C. P. Chen

      5.    Purification of the Juice, James C. P. Chen

      6.    Heating and Evaporation, James C. P. Chen

      7.    The Crystallization of Sugar, James C. P. Chen

      8.    Purging, packing and Warehousing of Raw Sugar, Len K. Kirby

      9.    Raw Sugar Quality Criteria, James C. P. Chen

      10.    By-Products of Cane Sugar Processing, James C. P. Chen


    Part Two

      Cane Sugar Refining

      11.    Raw Sugar Purchase, Marketing and Receiving, Fred R. Hill

      12.    Affination and Clarification, Richard Riffer

      13.    Decolorization, Richard Riffer

      14.    Evaporation and Pan Boiling, Thomas N. Pearson

      15.    Centrifugation, C. Frank Stowe

      16.    Sugar Drying and Conditioning, Chung Chi Chou

      17.     Packaging, Warehousing and Shipping of Refined Products, Jeffery C. Robinson

      18.    Refined Sugar Products, Chung Chi Chou

      19.     Specialty Sugars, Andy C. Chen and Amhed Awad

      20.    Plant Maintenance Program, George Fawcett


    Part Three

      Production and Process Controls

      21.    Definitions and Terms in Sugar Factory and Refinery Controls, James C. P. Chen and Chung Chi Chou

      22.    Chemicals Used as Sugar Processing Aids, James C. P. Chen and Chung Chi Chou

      23.    Sugar House and Refinery Calculations, James C. P. Chen and Chung Chi Chou

      24.    Chemical and Process Control (Raw House), James C. P. Chen

      25.    Technical and Sucrose Loss Control (Refinery), Joseph F. Dowling

      26.     Microbiological Control in Sugar Manufacturing and Refining, James C. P. Chen and Chung Chi Chou

      27.    Energy Conservation, Keith Sinclair

      28.    Total Quality Management System, Leon A. Anhasier

      29.    Computerized Sugar Manufacturing,

          Part (A) Conceptualized Computer Control, Michael R. T. Low

          Part (B) Process Control and Integration, Shyam Ambardar

      30.    Automation of a Sugar Refinery, Naotsugu Mera

      31.    Environmental Quality Assurance, James C. P. Chen and John Green


    Part Four

      Analytical Procedures

      32.    Sampling and Averaging, James C. P. Chen

      33.    Special Laboratory Reagents, James C. P. Chen

      34.    Polarimetry in Sugar Analysis, James C. P. Chen and Chung Chi Chou

      35.    Instrumental Analysis for the Sugar Industry, Chung Chi Chou

      36.    Determination of Density and Total Solids, James C. P. Chen

      37.    Determination of Ash, James C. P. Chen

      38.    Determination of pH, James C. P. Chen

      39.    Determination of Color and Turbidity in Sugar Products, Chung Chi Chou

      40.    Determination of Dextran and Starch, Walter Altenburg

      41.    Analysis of Sugarcane, James C. P. Chen

      42.    Analysis of Juice, James C. P. Chen

      43.    Analysis of the Syrup, Massecuites and Molasses, James C. P. Chen

      44.     Analysis of Raw Sugars, James C. P.Chen

      45.     Analysis of Refined Sugar Products,Thomas Wilson and Stanley Bichsel

      46.     Analysis of Bagasses and Filtercake,James C. P. Chen


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