Since the 1970s, companies have depended on economic forecasts in an attempt to secure their future.  In the 1980s and early '90s, companies focused on re-engineering, re-structuring and downsizing to ensure profitability.  In the late '90s, automation, computerization and information technologies helped to improve company productivity.  The sugar industry as a whole has not done much to secure their future.  What do we have to do in the new millennium?   We will have to depend on:

(A) Process Improvement / Simplification;

(B) New Process and Product Development.


Training of process engineers/sugar technologists is essential to ensure continuity of business and future profitability.  The basic tools for the training include 12th edition of "Cane Sugar Handbook" and 1st edition of "Handbook of Sugar Refining".  Dr. Chou is the author/editor of both books, and has contributed all his royalties from these books to a charitable organization with major interest in education.



C. P. Chen and Chung Chi Chou

"Cane Sugar Handbook", 12th edition, (ISBN # 0-471-53037-9)

John Wiley & Son Inc., New York. 

Chung Chi Chou

"Handbook of Sugar Refining",1st edition, (ISBN # 0-471-18357-1)

 John Wiley & Son Inc., New York.


last updated 10/31/2017