(A) The lowest Cost Sugar Refinery

The lowest Cost Sugar refinery is described, please click : SIT 2009 Simplified refinery


(B) Best processes to produce refined sugar directly form cane sugar mills

(Cti Process)

The best way, economically, technically, and environmentally, to produce refined sugar in the 21st century is to attach a simplified refinery to a sugar mill with matching capacity:

a. A sugar mill can be easily improved/modified to produce sugar color of 600 ICU Max. With bagasse as the only fuel for the mill. No other source of energy, such as coal, gas, or oil should be needed.

b. In the attached simplified refinery, the 600 ICU is dissolved to 68 brix and color is reduced, by a Cti proprietary process, to between 150 to 200 ICU for boiling refined sugar, preferably after evaporation to 75 brix.

c. The combined color of R1, R2, and R3 sugar will be below 35 ICU.

The above Cti process includes a highly efficient aeration system to minimize phosphatation carry-over and after floc, and a proprietary color-sorbents for color reduction. No carboration, No ion exchange process (therefore no dark brine regenerant waste disposal problems) and No UF- and nano-membrane systems are used in the Cti process.  No sulfitation (air pollutant and health hazard) is needed.


last updated 10/27/2017