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White and Refined Sugar Production from Cane Sugar Factories PDF  



Theoleyre, Marc-Andre, and Stanislas Baudouin. "Method and plant for the production of refined sugar from a sugared juice."  U.S. Patent No. 7,067,013. 27 Jun. 2006 PDF     (



Chou, Chung-Chi, et al. "Process for pretreating colored aqueous sugar solutions to produce a low colored crystallized sugar."   U.S. Patent No. 6,485,574. 26 Nov. 2002. PDF     (



Chou, Chung Chi, et al. "SAT process as a replacement for sulfitation in mill white sugar production."
International sugar journal 108.1289 (2006).



Conversion of Louisiana Sugar Factories Excess Bagasse into Synthesis Gas¡XA Visionary Research Project PDF  



Saska - Antioxidants, an Excellent Phytochemical  Functional Food, from Sugar Cane  PDF



Antioxidants and other Functional extracts from sugar cane

Plants trails of non-toxic XYZ-1 clarifying reagent for polarization analysisof sugar

Benchmarks for cane sugar manufacture to ensure global competitiveness

Value added functional foods from CMS and cane molasses

Research and development.Dowe have a tunnel vision?

Sugarcane extract--an ExcellentPhytochemical Functional Foods

Zero Discharge Technologies for alcohol distillery with energy recovery



SIT 2009paper Simplified Sugar Refinery PDF

2010paper “Pros and Cons?of Various Decolorization Processes for Production of Refined Sugar PDF

SIT 2011paper Behavior of Invert Sugar in Sugar Processing PDF



Direct Production of Refined Sugar and Value Added Products from Sugar Cane Mills



50 years of progress in sugar technologies From 1 G to 5th Generation --- a Benchmark PDF

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